Hello! My name is Marcy and I am a LIFE Photographer. Capturing every stage of life and the beautiful yet fleeting moments in-between. 

The perfectly imperfect moments, human connection, pure emotion and the raw beauty that is innate in us all. 

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MY Story....Since becoming a mother of two, my passion for portraiture has blossomed! My children have truly taught me what love is and how magical life can be (minus tantrums haha)! I was so sleep deprived for YEARS, especially after my daughter was born, if I didn't have photos and videos I wouldn't remember a lot of it. Sad but true! 

It all goes by in a spectacular, chaotic, sleep deprived and utterly heart-expanding blur!  And this is why coffee is life and I love, love, love my coffee! Besides photography and coffee, in my spare time (what's THAT?! haha) I enjoy getting together with friends, exercising and hiking in the great outdoors, yoga, dancing, podcasts, star gazing, camp fires and music. If you see me driving by, I am most likely blaring my tunes and singing along. I have a quirky sense of humor and I enjoy salty comedy - it's true! 

Have you made it this far? Great! Keep reading if you want to know a little bit more about me...:-)

Photography has been a part of my life for over 20 years. Born and raised in Western New York, my life has led me in many directions, but my camera has always been by my side. I started taking photography courses in high school and FELL IN LOVE! I soon became President of the Photography Club - hello GEEK - and continued learning all about film processing and developing in the darkroom.  I continued a few photography courses in college as well, learning more and more about the expansive world of photography. My days of shooting film are long gone but I truly do enjoy digital photography and my laptop and editing software are now my darkroom. 

I have resided in beautiful Vermont since 2012.  Before Vermont, I called  Northern CA and the Columbia River Gorge home for 11 years. This is where my passion for landscape and nature photography was really fueled. In 2005, I completed my education in social work. Working in the social work field for many years gave me the opportunity and privilege of working closely with families and connecting with their incredible stories which I am now continuing to do through photography! 

I use a full frame DSLR camera and shoot in RAW which gives the best outcome for high resolution images. I also utilize off camera flash when I deem it necessary. I am adept at photoshop and can edit out distractions that may have been unavoidable, blemishes (if desired), and stains or spots on clothing - I go the extra mile for my clients! I hand-craft each image to the best of my ability!

I opened my business in the Fall of 2016. Preserving memories for families and individuals is something I find very rewarding! I love my job!  I take great pride in my work and enjoy getting to know the little and big people I get to photograph. Life is FULL of beautiful moments and meaningful relationships. Let me capture your perfectly imperfect moments!

For more information on my portfolio, to get in touch regarding scheduling a session, feel free to contact me here. Thanks for taking the time to read my blurb ;-).

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